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Indoor Plants- The plants that can grow indoors easily are known as indoor plants. Gardengram sells plants like Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos, snake plant, Spider plant, Peace Lily, Aglaoenamas etc that do very well to thrive in indoors. These plants are low maintenance and their light requirement is such that they are conducive to growing indoors. These plants prove very useful for those who have less outdoor space. These plants also play a vital role in interior designs.

We, at Gardengram, also sell a wide range of potting mixes and plant fertilisers to ensure that you are able to provide the best care for your plants. We also have diversity of décor planters, gardening tools and accessories to ensure that you enjoy your gardening experience. We also ensure that you get information on how to improve the health of your plant and to care for it in best possible way.

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