Grow N Glow

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Grow N Glow, best quality plant micro food contains essential micro nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, carbon, iron etc that are critical for a plant’s healthy growth. It is a perfect balanced dose of nutrients to ensure there is no over application of them to your plants and they get just the right dose to ensure happy and healthy root and shoot system. It helps the plants to produce vital proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids, and formulated strong walls of plant cells for good foliage and overall development. It is the best source of nutrients for the plants. 

 Since it is 100% organic, it ensures that there is no adverse impact on plant and it is completely eco friendly. It can be used with almost all plants including indoor and outdoor house plants, vegetable garden and fruit gardens, and flowering plants. It increases the size of the flowers, fruits and buds. It also improves the quality and brings a shine in the foliage and flowers. 

Dosage- Apply 15 gms of Grow N Glow per plant and water the plants. It can be applied every 15 days to the plants. 

Grow N Glow
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