Gardening gloves with claws
Rs. 399.00 Rs. 199.00
Gardening gloves with claws
It is the perfect choice for plant parents who want to enjoy their gardening. These claw gloves are comfortable and can fit all sizes. They make gardening hassle-free, fun and easy, saving time and efforts in cleaning your nails after...
Rs. 399.00 Rs. 199.00
Gardening Tool kit with Plastic Handle
This gardening tool kit consists of cultivator, trowel, transplanter, weeder, and fork that can be used for different purpose in gardening. The plastic handle makes it light to carry around and work with.  Cultivator is best suited for aeration in...
Rs. 699.00 Rs. 499.00
Gardening Tool kit with Wooden Handle
This gardening tool kit consists of cultivator, trowel, transplanter, weeder, and fork that can be used for different purpose in gardening. The wooden handle gives it a very polished and classy look.  Cultivator is best suited for aeration in soil...
Rs. 699.00 Rs. 525.00
Hand Sprayer for Gardening, Pesticides and Liquid Fertiliser
Introducing the 1.5 Liters Hand Sprayer with Comfortable Grip and Adjustable Nozzle - Your Ultimate Multi-Application Spray Bottle for the Garden, Pesticides, and Liquid Fertilizers!Enhance your gardening experience with our high-quality 1.5 liters hand sprayer, meticulously designed to provide optimal...
Rs. 499.00 Rs. 399.00
Ivory Watering Can for Gardening
Rs. 1,299.00 Rs. 649.00
Ivory Watering Can for Gardening
Introducing our exquisite Ivory Watering Can with a Golden Handle—a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this watering can not only assists in hassle-free plant watering but also adds a touch of elegance to...
Rs. 1,299.00 Rs. 649.00
Yellow Watering Can for gardening
Introducing our cute and trendy watering can, a must-have for plant lovers. This vibrant and stylish garden accessory doubles up as a colorful addition to your outdoor decor, bringing a cheerful pop to your green oasis. With a generous capacity...
Rs. 599.00 Rs. 399.00
The pure love combo ( 2 Plants + 2 Pot + Pebbles + Miniature Love Birds)
( Complimentary pebbles + Dairy Milk (worth Rs 60) This set of white and powder pink planters form the perfect gift for the couple deep in love, and symbolise a relationship with love, banter, adventure and loads of romance. The...
Rs. 1,799.00
White & Powder Blue Pot Set with Dhan Kuber and Valentine Aglaonema Plants
The perfect couple gift set is a must have this Valentine’s for the love birds. The classy white and powder blue pot with stand and the sweet powdered blue round planter with the lucky plant Dhan Kuber and Red Valentine...
Rs. 2,299.00
Clay Miniature Sparrow Sitting Antique for home garden
Size : 10 cm * 6 cm Material- High premium Clay  Usage: Can be used to decorate  
Rs. 149.00 Rs. 99.00
Miniature Sparrow Multicolor Set Of Four
These premium clay sparrow miniatures are a must have gardening decor this season. Whether you want to place it on the pots or in your Terraniums and trays, these miniatures are just the companions your plants need.  Why not take...
Rs. 999.00 Rs. 329.00
Miniature Charming Dolls for Garden Decor
These small premium clay dolls look very adorable when added to the pots in your garden. You can use them at multiple places for garden decor such as terraniums, trays with succulents, any potted plants or green corners.  They are...
Rs. 699.00 Rs. 349.00
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