One pot square stand

One pot square stand

Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 399.00
  • Rust resistant
  • Matt finish
  • Premium quality
Price :
Rs. 399.00


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A one pot square stand is a plant stand designed to hold a single plant pot, typically in a square shape. It's a functional and stylish way to display your indoor plants, adding a decorative touch to your home decor.

The stand is usually made of high-quality materials such as metal, wood, or bamboo and features a minimalist or decorative design that complements your home decor. Some one pot square stands have adjustable height options, allowing you to create a more dynamic and visually interesting display.

The pot itself is not included with the stand, but it's typically a square-shaped pot that fits perfectly on the stand. The pot can be made of various materials such as ceramic, terracotta, or plastic, and it comes in different sizes and colors to suit your plant and personal style.
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