Why I Seem To Be The Only Person Who Uses Potting Mix For My Plants

Are your plants drying out, not growing properly or looking unhealthy? Well! This list down is a must read for you!

Getting the right potting mix is a big hassle. Hence, we at Gardengram worked at making this exercise hassle-free for you and brought forward our range of potting mix which is a perfect solution for your plant babies. Potting mix is a soil less medium which consists of variety nutrients to  promote healthy growth of plants. A lot of gardening experts recommend potting in the spring and rainy seasons.


Gardengram offers two types of potting mix:

  1. Garden Soil Mix: A balanced and rich source of nutrients to boost the growth of your plants. The potting mix includes coco peat low EC, Sea weed, Vermi compost, organic acids, minerals and enzymes to encourage a plant’s healthy growth. It is good for indoor and outdoor plants.
  2. Coco peat mix: The neem enriched cocopeat is the poster child for integrated pest management which is an ecosystem approach to grow healthy crops. It contains macro nutrients and micro nutrients required for soil health. It also has essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, zinc, copper, iron and manganese. It is a good option for starting kitchen garden, growing veggies and germinating seeds.

Benefits of Potting Mix 

  1. Allows the plant to breathe: Potting mix is lighter than soil. Soil is heavier which results in difficulty in breathing. Hence, rather than filling your planter with extra quantity of soil, use potting mix which prevents the plants’ roots from binding and provides fresh air to them.
  2. Enhances Plant Metabolism: These potting mixes provide a lot of nutrients to your plants which enhances metabolism, as a result they look fresh and joyful!
  3. Hassle Free: Hassle free gardening experience is provided with the ready to use potting mix at your doorstep. 
  4. Increases the Water Retention Capacity: If the water retention capacity of a plant is more it will grow taller and will produce good quantity of seeds, fruits and vegetables.
  5. Pest Management: The coco peat offers an eco-friendly approach in controlling the pest attacks on the plants. It also improves the immune system of the plants and make them highly resistant to diseases.
  6. Drainage: Potting mix makes the water easily move and avoids clogging in the soil. 

It is said, under every high raised personality, there is a strong foundation which keeps them grounded in their lives. Similarly, Gardengram’s 100% natural potting mix will assist the soil and build a strong foundation for your garden. And will boost the growth of the plants.

#Good soil, happy plants with gardengram.

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