The growing stage for children is the best stage for our children to also learn, not only what their exposure to media & academics brings to them but more. It’s the perfect time for them to learn more about values & life skills. Unfortunately there are no plant superheroes or princesses on television or the internet to show our little youngsters how cool plants are and how gardening as a hobby can be a life changing experience.

Fret not, here are 3 super easy tips for you to take the first step with your child. Start with small steps; small help

Kids like to learn by doing things themselves, so have your children help however much as could reasonably be expected. Watering is clearly something children can do. In any case, they can likewise check if its even an ideal opportunity to water. Allow your kid to put a finger in the soil. Does it feel dry or is it soggy? Teach them about how plants absorb from their roots, and when the soil is still wet that means there’s still sufficient water for the plant to absorb.

Another great opportunity for them to help is by allowing them to re-pot one of your plants with you. Include them in the growth cycle of the plant; right from when it’s still a bud till the time it blossoms, be with them. Answer their questions, even ask a few!

Don’t shy away from letting them get their hands dirty, it’s perfect for them to wonder about nature and you can sprinkle in a little information every now and then.
Allow them to have their very own plant; their own green baby.

The most ideal way of getting your kid to see the value in plants inside the house is to provide them with their very own plant. This can act like their very first step towards undertaking responsibility and also bearing consequences. Trust us, compassion and love grows fonder with responsibility. Young kids love growing & evolving plants especially the ones they can see develop. Make sure you give them a low maintenance plant.

Preferably Start in Spring

Spring is an incredible season to begin with. Children are more enthusiastic when learning is combined with some play. Simple playful activities like helping them identify the flower that blooms, the leaf that grows or just the general positivity that blossoms around spring will help them engage more. Spring is also the time where the natural cycle replenishes for most houseplants.

Now just a couple of Safety Points.
Know that a few plants may be harmful!
Be aware of which plants you introduce them to. Do your research.
If your child has any hypersensitive responses once in contact with the plant, withdraw them immediately and seek professional advice, if needed.
Tidy it up for your little ones!
Routinely prune your plants and tidy up the falling or weak leaves to avoid any danger. This is particularly for young kids.
Acquaint them too!
In case you have any desert flora or succulents, educate them about its beauty and significance and don’t just keep them away. Teach them to adore those succulents like cactus, etc from a distance till they are prepped enough to take care of them.

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