5 Plants That Are Perfect For The Room You Spend All Day In

Dear plant enthusiasts! Do you want to place beautiful indoor plants in your AC rooms but are afraid of them getting spoiled due to cold air? Well, we have your perfect solution here.

Plants need heat and humidity and AC removes both from the space. Hence, it can harm plants. Let’s not get alarmed because there is a way where these two can co-exist. Afterall, don’t we say if there is a will, there is a way. Hence, Gardengram has curated a list of five plants that can beat the AC blues.

1. Snake Plant
Snake plant is every plant parents’ delight with its hardy leaves that can survive in a variety of environments. They are excellent for your air-conditioned rooms because not only do they enhance the beauty of the space and purify the air around but they are also drought prone and can survive without much light.


2. Pothos
They are tropical plants and are green -yellowish in colour. Pothos have heart shaped small leaves with prominent vein design on them. They are very easy to propagate through simple cuttings. They can survive in AC temperatures but it is essential to keep moving them and exposing them to light for few hours weekly so that the foliage is blooming in its full glory.

3. Peace lily
It is also a tropical plant with flowers. It can grow up to 16 inches long when kept indoors. It is recommended to place a peace lily plant in a well-lit room with indirect sunlight. It can survive air-conditioned rooms but we have to pay heed to what our plant is telling us by observing the signs of stress if they appear on the plant root and shoot system.

4. ZZ Plant
This plant is a low maintenance plant which has glossy and oval shaped leaves. ZZ plant is drought resistant and can survive different environmental conditions, even AC rooms. They are very sturdy and difficult to kill.

5. Parlor Palm
They are easy to take care so people who are just starting their gardening journey can also take care of it without any stress. The leaves of the plants are thin and have stalk like structure. They can grow 4 to 6 feet long in indoor conditions. Parlor palms are an excellent pick for AC rooms.

So, now that the list of 5 AC resistant plants is out, why wait! You can start with decorating your AC rooms and ensure that each and every corner of your house looks green and fresh. An added cherry on the pie is that these plants are low maintenance plants which means that people with very little prior experience of gardening can also maintain them well. These plants will forgive you if you forget to water them or let their environment get a little too dry. To make your gardening journey a hassle-free experience, Gardengram also provides the products on its website making a beautiful garden a click away.

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