Vertical Gardening

Easy to define but definitely not easy to build- a vertical garden. As the name says, it is a garden which grows in a vertical direction very much in contrast to the standard horizontal way.


Vertical gardening indeed is a smart technique to dive deep into your hobby of nurturing nature especially when you’re in an urban and constricted setting with space being a major problem. Can you do it at home?




You can begin in several ways.


Buy a grid that stands on the floor. It is generally made of iron which allows you to hang pots onto it. The pots can either be fitted into the holders attached to the grid or the pots may already have a hook which you’ve to fit in the grid. You can make lines of various pots one below the other. You know, roses in one, ferns in another and many more.


The next piece of equipment is the garden tower which basically is a miniature stairway having holes. These holes work like pots and in one fourth the space occupied by your double bed, you can accommodate 50 or so pots.


Folks who love hanging out, we’ll tell you how to hang your plants out on the balcony.


Fix up a polyester pocket vertical planter on your wall. In these pockets, add soil and seeds and wait for a few weeks to get surprised. A heavenly abode of living little greenies next to where you sit and sip tea in the evenings.


Besides the above three, there are many other structures which aid vertical gardening. Like a set of baskets which can be hung to the roof with parsley or sunflower residing in them. Also, you can facilitate the growth of a climber like Bougainvillea on a net that has been nailed to the wall on your terrace. Other than being creative, you must have realized that vertical gardening requires spending money to buy appropriate resources.


Plus, before we forget to mention, watering plants is something you need to take care of. The ones which are harder for you to reach because of the height they’re placed at and those near the roof, they often get ignored. So, get a stool and equally spray them all with water and side-by-side feed biofertilizers regularly for optimum nutrition and optimum growth.


Happy Parenting!

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