DIY Aromatherapy at Home With Your Plants & Flowers

Have you come across the sweet smell of ‘Raat Ki rani’ (Night Blooming Jasmine)? If only we could wear it and make the most of this natural organic perfume!


Aromatherapy entails using flower and plant extracts to make aroma oils which help us with sound sleep, release good hormones, improve digestion and other health benefits. Our market has popularised products such as bathing salts, oils, candles, etc. but buying those products is not the only way to experience aromatherapy. We bring you closer to natural aromatherapy.



You can do it at your home too. There broadly are three ways to utilise the aroma of a plant. And don’t worry. None of those three require you to sit on your terrace with your nose millimeters away from a flower pot. Stimulating your olfactory receptors is a little more convenient than that.

Boil them up


Plants such as Tulsi and Mint have medicinal qualities which can be used by boiling them in water and then drinking them in the form of homemade green tea. Smell from this water can also permeate our home and senses all the while improving our bodily functions. However, consulting a doctor and being double sure of our health is never a bad idea.

Smell that stuff


Having a pot or two of Jasmine or Lavender in your home and office will not only add the much needed moisture in dry air but also uplift your mood by soothing your nerves. And when you’re working long hours on your table or having post dinner conversations with your loved ones, these scented little creatures will keep take the calm vibes a notch or two, up.

Garnish all the way


What if we say that you can present all the exotic looking well garnished hot dishes right in your homes. For all our foodie friends out there, having Curry Leaves, Chives, Coriander and Parsley in your balcony can be used as garnishing and can work magic for enhancing the aura and aroma of your food.


Having a plant to make your experience of being a plant parent more exciting, see a few of our offerings for your future babies. You want them to grow into the best version of themselves. Don’t you?

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