Kitchen Waste As Plant Food

The best of everything might not be sufficient for your plant babies. Each plant has a specific requirement and needs a variety of supplements to be healthy and grow in the right direction.


There is a high chance that your waste servings are not serving your plant babies nutrients. Yes, compost that we previously talked about is a good option, but is that enough? Maybe not. And also for those who don’t have time and energy to maintain a compost, there is a more convenient alternative- kitchen waste. Let us explore some easiest options that most plants love and can feed on for a healthy growth.


1. Green Tea

Boiling herbs such as fennel, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and clove in water is a great way to kick-start your mornings. What we often forget is that the leftovers of this green tea are alkaline and full of organic matter compared to its tea-bag variant which is a little acidic.



So, adding that nutrition-rich herbal matter to your money plant will be much better than flushing it down the drain. Before doing this, make sure to recheck your soil’s pH level because plants don’t speak when they’re uncomfortable.


2. Banana Peels

Do you know what is equally delicious for your petite balcony residents? Chopping banana peels into tiny fragments and mixing them in their soil. You might as well make a puree of banana peels to evenly spread it over the soil for delighting your plants even more.



Having a good dose of potassium, magnesium, Vitamins B6 and B12, you may reconsider throwing these peels away the next time you’re going bananas.


3. Vegetable Water

What do you do with the leftover water once you’ve boiled your chickpeas or kidney beans or potatoes or spinach? When vegetables, pulses and eggs are boiled, the vitamins and minerals from their surface get mixed with water which makes it a hot and nutritious go-to snack for plants.



But do cool this steamy water before it goes into the soil. You want to feed your babies, not burn away their roots and shoots.


4. Fertilisers 

The way your nutritional needs are not fully met with the food you regularly eat, same is the case with your leafy and fruity friends. Adding green tea waste and banana peels is not always enough.



To make sure the nutrients from kitchen waste are fully absorbed, these fertilizers are a must. Giving your plants the best chance to thrive is what a conscious plant parent does.


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