Urban Gardening 101 – The why of gardening

Modern world has modern demands. But we’re still primitive at heart. Bringing back the nature love & bringing you closer to nature, plant by plant.


Human nature is to stay in sync with mother nature.

Before there were offices to attend and jobs to work, human beings used to farm. Your ancestors grew their food and raised their kids. That’s what brought you here through the period of agricultural revolution. That primitive part still exists within us. And it wants us to spend time in nature, get soil between our toes and feel the cool breeze on our face. No wonder we love travelling to places where there’s less concrete and more open space. Indoor gardening is essentially bringing nature to your home.


Gardening is a form of active meditation.

Modern life has a lot of demands which require your attention and dedication. You’ve to maintain a career. Follow up with friends and family, check social media and also bear through traffic jams. Juggling your focus from one aspect of life to another saps your brain of the limited energy it has. That’s where gardening helps in building present moment awareness. You’ll know where your water is going inside the pot and how big your spinach last week was. You’ll be fully engaged as soon as you’ll step into the arena of your mini garden at home. Our senses come alive when there’s another little life flourishing around and asking you to take care of it.

Health and happiness bundled up together.

Indoor plants clean air by reducing air pollution. Homegrown herbs and vegetables have superior health benefits compared to their seal-pack counterparts. Actively pursuing gardening as a hobby reduces stress and anxiety. That’s not it. We can list so many benefits of growing plants that you’ll be in awe after going through all of them. In simple terms, gardening is about making yourself healthier and happier. Plants connect with you at multiple levels – touch, smell, look, taste. You might also find in them a good listener for your self-talk.


Our vision with Gardengram is to help people living in urban areas get back in touch with nature. Nurture nature in their homes and reap the benefits of what our forefathers loved to do. At the expense of progress, we don’t have to leave behind where we have evolved from. Food ordered from an app can be had on a dining table with a pretty flower pot placed on it. Your WiFi router can have climbers touching it. You can be all formal in the office but evenings sure can bring out the urban farmer in you. Don’t wait. Start today. You can explore our range of products and be a part of our online family, where we share regular updates that help modern gardeners take better care of their plants & gardens.

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