Vegetables To Grow For Beginners

If you’ve found yourself worrying about the quality of the food you consume while living in a metropolitan area, you are not alone. And what better solution than to grow your own food?


Let’s move one step in that direction to become an urban farmer by learning how to grow vegetables at home.



Tomato is a favorite for a lot of people. Nothing beats the taste which a ripe tomato adds to a meal. Take a tomato and cut it up. You’ll find seeds clustered in the centre of its slices. Put those thin slices under the soil. How deep? As far as your pinky finger goes.



Make sure to separate them by a palm’s length. They love sun and water alike. Give them both and in a month, they’ll sprout. Eat them when they turn red.



Also known as bell pepper aka “Shimla Mirch”, this vegetable is convenient to grow. Similar to tomato, cut one capsicum to take out its seeds. Bury them under the soil. Cover the top of your pot with a wet cloth and water regularly to keep the soil moist.



After 2 weeks of daily sun exposure for a few hours, the seeds will germinate. And in two months, your capsicum will be ready to go straight to your plate. Do you know which is the best month to nurture them? September.



One of the highly nutritive vegetables you’ll ever eat. This one grows below the ground and hence the “Root” in its name. You’ll easily get the seeds from a local nursery. Soak them in a glass of water for a few hours before placing them under the soil.



Doing this speeds up the germination process. Water them to keep the soil moist but not too wet. Beetroot seedlings love the sun so don’t shy away from keeping them out in the open. In 2-3 months, they’ll be ready to be pulled up. Winters don’t affect them much because these babies stay underground.


The list of vegetables you can grow at home is quite big but the above three are a good starting point. You’ll get to enjoy a healthy salad as well as a delicious cooked meal. Plus, the satisfaction of growing your own food is immense. Plant the seeds now and we assure you that your New Year’s Party will have homegrown vegetables for the meals in your food menu.

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