Seasonal Gardening- How to Ace it!

The green thumb rule is that every season brings a natural tendency for some plants to flourish. And let’s see how can we use it to the best of our gardening pleasures.


Summers, entail that many indoor plants including Cactus, Snake Plant and Hibiscus do well during this time. You can go all leafy and greeny with them. When monsoon arrives, flowering smoothly begins. Time to say hello to the bugs and bees. With winter chills on the go, you can do well with a few vegetables like Tomato and Carrot and especially those plants whose roots take time to spread. Count Garlic and Onion in this category. Finally, spring brings out the best in your herbs and those plants which have minimal sun and water requirements.



That was quite easy to grasp. Now, we know that seasons happen because different parts of the Earth are exposed to different levels of sunlight. That’s the reason why you should not be growing summer plants in the winter. On top of this nugget of wisdom, monsoon brings along with it a thing called humidity. It basically is the amount of moisture present in the air. Due to this humidity, plants can comfortably breathe through the pores on their skin. Hence, growth is good when they’re showered with nature’s water. Unless you live in an area where there’s an extreme of a specific season, you don’t have to worry. You plants will adapt.


Coming to a close, soil circulation is a crucial part of plant nutrition because after a certain time, soil loses its nutritional value and fails to hold enough water. You can annually do this during the spring time when there’s adequate sun and humidity so that your little ones can adjust in their newfound housing environment. Plant foods and homemade manure play a crucial role in helping your plants flourish because nutrition demands are more than just the thirst for water and exposure to the sun. So, with the right mix of knowledge and resources, you can plan and maintain your garden throughout the year.


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