Rare Medicinal Herbs- The Right Dose of Well Being

Gardengram brings you 4 rare herbs that not only boost your immunity but also facilitate proper functioning of your body organs. With innumerable benefits, these herbs are easy to grow and maintain.


1. Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)


This medicinal ancient herb has been tried & tested over centuries to benefit the human body & brain. It is renowned to boost brain function & lower blood sugar level. The rest of the benefits include reducing stress & anxiety, resisting cancerous cells, boosting fertility in men and women, reducing inflammation, elevating muscle and strength & reducing cholesterol level.


It needs sandy, well-draining soil & the sun. It is a drought-resistant herb that should only be economically watered when it seems thirsty. After harvesting, wash, clean & cut the roots into small pieces & dry in sun or shade. Follow the same process for berries after crushing them to extract seeds. You can further use these as per your requirements.


2. Stevia (Natural Sugar-free)


The perfect natural substitute for sugar can be grown at home. Stevia, is a shrub-like perennial plant also known as the sweet leaf and for its benefits like lowering sugar levels & calorie intake while accelerating weight loss. It has demonstrated no effect on blood sugar levels or insulin response, thus, allowing diabetic people to consume a wider variety of food, safely. Its antioxidants compounds reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer & help lower blood pressure.


The best way to grow stevia at home is to start with a garden-ready starter plant in rich-loamy soil with no over-watering at any cost. Frequent watering in small proportions along with adequate supply of fertilisers help the plant grow better.


Once fully grown, the plant can be harvested by extracting the leaves, drying them to crush them for further uses.


3. Kalmegh


Known for its exceptional medicinal uses & bitter taste, Kalmegh, can be consumed in various forms- juice, powder and capsules.


Due to its anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties, it protects the liver from damage caused by free radicals. It boosts immunity and is even effective for diabetics as it lowers blood sugar levels by increasing insulin secretion. It stimulates blood flow & manages blood pressure and is useful to even treat arthritis. Its anti-microbial properties facilitate digestion.


Kalmegh flourishes attractively in hot humid conditions & loves sunlight & water. This low maintenance plant will grow on almost any soil type that is well drained (no water clogging). It is advisable to add fertilizer to it for smooth & healthy growth.


4. Rudraksha


Planting this holy plant is not only good for spiritual peace but also soothing for your body & home environment. The antibacterial & anti-inflammatory leaves are used to treat wounds and conditions like epilepsy, migraine, headache, etc. The miraculous fruit is known to reduce blood impurifications and to facilitate healthy blood flow. Last but not the least, the significant & divine beads are of great use as well. Drinking water infused with the beads is a great source of Vitamin C and improves immunity.


Rudraksha plant loves water. It needs to be watered once a day on winters & twice in summers keeping the soil moist, not water clogged. Also, it is important to add fertiliser to the plant, especially when it’s bearing fruits & flowers for adequate growth. They grow better when grown in shade.



Your best shield to fight the virus is you. Protect yourself & your family by planting these medicinal herbs; by planting health & happiness. Which medicinal herb do you already have? Tell us on Instagram or Facebook & we will help you grow & nurture it better.

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