How To Start a Kitchen Garden?

What is a kitchen garden? A garden that you cultivate in your home without turning into a full-time farmer. It doesn’t have to be located in your kitchen although that’s quite a unique place to keep your plants.


Today we’ll learn the basics of kitchen gardening and how you can start working on yours by this weekend.




There are different types of pots that you can choose from. We’ll cover them in detail in the future. But you can start with a plastic bottle who upper half has been cut. Make a small hole in its bottom region to drain off excess water. You’ll be good to go with this. Zero-waste gardening is super eco-friendly. Kudos to that.



A quick trip to your nearest nursery will do the job of getting you the appropriate soil. Make sure to get the soil which can hold water and doesn’t easily dry due to heat and sun exposure. Also, ask the nursery guys to give you the soil which best suits the plants you’re planning to grow.



Some seeds are available at your home. The ones in tomato, chilly and ladyfinger, for example. But for plants, you’ll have to go out for the seeds. The nursery from where you’ll procure your soil, get the seeds t and what’s more, we supply seeds as well and can send you customized boxes too.



There’s a whole science to taking care of germinating seeds and plants undergoing infancy. We’ll break it down to the basics. Water them daily but if the soil is moist to your touch, don’t water. Expose the plants to the sun but not so much that they’re at the risk of drying. Use your wisdom and treat a plant as your sensitive little child.



There are many shovels, cutters, rubber gloves and scissors available out there. The good news is that you don’t need them when you’re a beginner. What you need is already in your home and we covered those things above. Did we tell you that touching the soil with your bare hands feels immensely gratifying? Ditch those rubber gloves and go old school.


That’s it. Easier said than done. The basics are basics for a reason. We taught you the basics. And the reason why you should be gardening is not one but many. Having plants around you beats stress, reduces indoor pollution and brings in a lively vibe to your home. Knowing all this, when are you starting your kitchen garden?

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