Vegetable garden in balconies- A step closer to it

Let’s understand the concept of vegetable gardening in simple terms. It can be easy if you know your plants and your space. Let’s look at some easy veggies that can do well in your space.

1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes can be easily placed in your balcony that receives good sun light as they need at least six hours of sun per day and consistent watering to thrive. Choose a manageable variety that you can grow well in your apartment.

2. Radish: Growing radishes in containers is not difficult as well in a limited space. You can enjoy fresh and crispy radishes and tasty green tops right in your apartment balcony, patio, porch, rooftop, or even indoors on your window sill. Choose a variety that does well in summers and you are good to go.

3. Peppers: Peppers are one of the most delightful veggies as they come in many different colors and varieties. Again, consistent watering, well draining soil and good sun is the key!

4. Lettuce: Plant seeds or seedlings in a shallow container and take care of adequate watering. However, one of the pointers about micro greens is that over watering can lead to a rot so find the balance.

5. Cucumbers: Cucumbers can be grown in large containers. The rectangular plastic pots can be great options. Choose a variety that is suitable for container gardening. Cucumbers need full sun and consistent watering. Get the kit which contains all necessary things from seeds to saplings to growing bags to growing mediums from Gardengram. And two consultations for your support.

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