How to grow healthy auspicious Basil in containers

Basil is a holy plant that adorns almost every Indian household. It is popular not only for its auspiciousness, but also for its medicinal properties. But a lot of us face this issue that the plant dies very soon. Fret not, because it is very simple to care for this plant.

1) Choose you container wisely
Basil grows best in clay or ceramic containers. However you can use plastic containers as well. Make sure the container is atleast 10 inches in depth and width with a drainage hole.

2) Watering it right
The best is to water it a little everyday. Make sure to not water it’s leaves as it may lead to leaf damage or fungal infections.

3) Light it right
|The plant requires 6-8 hours of light everyday so make sure that you are keeping it in a space that receives light.

4) Well draining soil
Basil requires a well draining soil with a pH level between 6 and 7. We recommend Gardengram soil mix for best results.

5) Bushy growth
Regularly pinch off and de head the top of the stem to prevent it from being leggy and encourage a bushy growth.

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