Trending Gardening Ideas 2023 for indoor gardens

The beautiful greens that we collect and cherish definitely need beautifully designed spaces to add to their charm. And trust us, it can be super easy. Let’s read! Here are some garden design ideas that will help you create a stunning indoor garden homescape.

1. A centre piece-
If you have clubbed many plants and keep them together, We recommend you to choose ornamental plant that blooms in this season and use it as the centerpiece of that space. And some plants do great when they are flocked together from humidity point of view.

2. Use different green shades in your home-
Incorporating different shades of green foliage is an easy way to create a rich look. Add plants in different leaves sizes, patterns and shades of green in your collection.

3. Bright colours are charming!
Variegated rubber plant, Triostar, Crotons and Red aglaonemas are some great options to add a dash of colour to your garden home scape.

4. Use designer pots-
There are some great options available like the metallic pots, ceramic pots, fibre pots etc that can add decor without taking up too much space. Consider planting spring annuals, such as petunias and impatiens, in containers and to your homes without taking too much of space.

5. Glam up with accessories-
Ceramic miniatures, decorative pebbles, designer stakes etc are just perfect to give the delicious and vibrant topping to your beautiful indoor garden.

These ideas are simple and easy to use to give you a stunning indoor garden home scape around the year. You can always book your personal consultation with Gardengram for more ideas and gardening solutions.

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