Seed Trays- Metra of Green babies

Seed sowing is still the most legitimate and assured way to growing new plants. The stages of seed germination and seedling formation are the most sensitive and vulnerable stages of a plant life. For successful germination of seeds , the method of sowing should be accurate. Due to inaccurate sowing practises , many times seeds fail to sprout. Seedling trays are made up of foldable plastic material.


There are holes throughout the trays. These cells should be filled with a sewing medium like Soil , Coco peat and sand. Depending on the type of plants, 2-3 seeds are sown in each cell. Trays are watered regularly as the seeds germinate. Young seedlings can be kept in these trays safely for 3-4 weeks under semi shade till they are ready to  be transplanted in a field or in a bigger container.



Compared with direct seeding, the use of transplanting has many advantages, although some vegetables are more suitable for transplanting than others. For example Bean , Sweet corn , and Peas are those that are not usually grown as transplants.

  • Increases the productivity while saving time, money water, fertiliser, and space.
  • Assurance of maximum percentage of seed germination unlike conventional methods.
  • The roots of seedling grows to its optimum size.
  • Seedling grows in trays are healthy and tray facilities easy handling during transplantation of delicate seedlings.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the machine, which greatly provides production efficiency.
  • Extent the growing season.
  • Use expensive hybrid seed most efficiently.
  • Greatly improved the survival of nursery.
  • Predict the harvest date more accurately.
  • Improve crop uniformity.
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