Plants can talk too- Ins and outs of it!

Did you know houseplants can talk? That sounds impossible, right? Let’s see 


Would it not be lovely if plants can already communicate about the issues that they are facing and we can save them? Well, let’s find it out if they can do so for ourselves!


We would like to say that plants communicate with us all the time . If your plant's leaves are wilting , they are saying “Please water me”. yellow leaves are saying “Hold off on the water! You are killing me with kindness.” There are many such subtle and visible signs that our plants give us. Let’s look at a few things that our plants are trying to tell us.

Leaf and Flower Drop

No one likes stress , not even plants. A common sign that your plant is stressed is if it’s dropping leaves and flowers. Stressors can include lack of water, over watering , temperature change, lesser light than requirement etc.


Wilting can be terrifying for some of us plant parents. Plants like peace lilies etc , can show signs of wilting terribly and may lead us to think that they are dying. But do not worry, it is not always the case. Sometimes, they may be being just dramatic and will perk up after a good watering.


We are not talking about Yoga here. In the plant world that means long and spindly stems . The plants can literally stretch themselves toward the light . Sometimes the older leaves will fall off. Check on your plant's requirements- chances are it just needs more light . It could also mean that your plants need pinching. It’s not pinching literally , it’s a kind of pruning. Pinching off spent flowers is a good idea that will help your plant save energy too.

Salt Build Up

Have you noticed some white stuff on the sides of clay pots? As you water and fertilize your plants, salts and other minerals can build up. It may cause the foliage tips to turn yellow or brown. Watering your plants in the sink and allowing the water to run through a few times can help flush them out. You can use a scrubbing pad on the outside of the pot. 

Brown Leaf Tips

Leaves get brown tips because water isn’t reaching that far. Too little water or too much fertiliser is usually to blame. Make sure you are watering consistently. Use GardenGram’s indoor house plant food for its slow release formula to ensure your plant isn’t being overfed. Always follow the package direction for correct and balanced application as ‘more is not better’. 


We hope these signs helped you out to understand your green babies' communication better. For more such tips, follow Gardengram.

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