Does using fertilizers for your garden and green babies scare you of their chemical reaction?

Does using fertilizers for your garden and green babies scare you of their chemical reaction? Well, you are not alone. But this is not always the case. Let’s find out how. 


When it comes to homes with children and pets, safety always comes first. Many plant parents worry about the possible health and environmental consequences of plant fertilizers especially if it poses danger to their loved ones. And to a large extent, their concerns are justified. Improper use of fertilizers can  be harmful, causing allergic reactions , itching and other symptoms. However, emphasis should be placed on words “improper use “ . you should not have to deprive your kids or pets of the freedom and joy of playing outdoors in the garden for any longer than is absolutely necessary . however some of the fertilizers you might use on your plants or may be extremely toxic , especially to animals. 


The type of fertilizer plays a huge role


The type of fertilizer used on your garden plays a vital role in the overall health of your garden as well as its impact on your family safety , and the greater environment. You can spot a high quality fertilization programme by its use of organic fertilizer that improves the quality of soil while remaining safe and gentle on the ecosystem.


Some of the most harmful ingredients comprising artificial fertilizers including arsenic which is deadly, are not present in organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are gentle and slow- releasing. They have minimal environmental impact , and don’t seep chemicals into the water system with organic fertilizer., your home can remain a safe place for sensitive hands , feet and lungs.

How much fertilizer should be used


Proper application is essential for safety. Even though some homeowners fertilize their garden by following labeled instructions, there are skills and knowledge that a professional can provide that will guarantee safety. One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced individuals is adding too much fertilizer to the garden . Not only this can damage the garden but it increases the chance that the fertilizer will be picked in the fur or paws of the pet and spread around the house. To avoid over application and ensure the only safest fertilization practices are used for your home , contact Garden Gram. 

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