Pet Parenting And Plant Parenting

“Being a cat daddy I always have to make sure that I keep the toxic plants out of reach of my cats. Because some toxic plants are also air purifying plants hence I prefer to keep them indoors .“


My cats like to play with wavy leaf plants which dance with the air and that’s kind of fun for them, sometime they like the scratch on the thick leaf plants like Aloe Vera and Anthuriums and I have to bring a new Lemon grass plant every month because my cats like to chew on them. In my experience, I haven’t faced any issues with my cat’s health and consider it as pet friendly plant because it’s also used for human consumption.” 


As plant parents who also are parenting pets, it becomes challenging to keep them both under one roof and sometimes it can bring a lot of trouble for both pets and plants. However, some of us have parental duties and deep innate love for both. So it becomes important to know your plants in and out so that you can ascertain if they are pet safe.


Why do pets try to eat plants?

Have you ever wondered about the deal between pets with plants? Afterall, when we give them delicious food, why do cats and dogs still eat houseplants?


Some people believe they do it to calm an upset stomach or help process hairballs, while others think pets are attempting to remedy a nutritional deficiency. Cats and dogs might even chew on houseplants during play sessions, attacking waving fronds as they would do with a toy. It can be difficult to keep a houseplant away from a pet that is determined to chew, so it's up to us to ensure that any plants we grow in the home are safe and non-toxic to cats and dogs. With the exception of edibles like cat grass, it's always better to keep valued houseplants out of a pet's reach if you can.


Pet friendly plants

Some plants win the hearts of plant parents and health of pets being non-toxic for cats and dogs. Research has proven them to be pet safe. Few  such non-toxic and pet safe house plants are: Areca palm , spider plant , Boston fern , calathea , polka dot plant, peperomia, orchid , fittonia, bromeliad, haworthia etc. Some toxic plants are: peace lily , caladium , some snake plants , cyclamen , aloe etc.


Creating pet heaven

You can Keep lemon grass and cat grass as cats and dogs like to chew it sometimes and cat grass has medicinal values which can help cats recovers upset stomach.


More tips

If you have pets, it is recommended to do organic gardening and using only organic fertilisers, soil food, pesticides, fungicide etc.Always check the label of the product to see if it’s pet and kids friendly.

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