How to water your plants right?

Watering your plants can be tricky. Picking out the right tool, deciding the right amount, following the right schedule, etc., can be overwhelming factors. Here is a water can full of ‘watering wisdom’ for you to take care of your leafy ones better.

The most important factor that determines the right absorption of nutrients and air the next process of conversion is timing.


Watering plants in the afternoon makes them retain less of it and lose more of it due to evaporation. Common sense, ahem. Best is to water them after sunrise and before sunset. Spare the leaves from getting wet because sometimes the water droplets on a leaf may work like a magnifying glass which can trap heat and cause the leaves to burn.


The next deciding factor for a plant’s life span and healthy growth is the quantity of water.


Too much water can flood your pot. Too little and your plant will dry. The sweet spot is to water just enough to wet the soil and let it stay a centimeter above it. Frequent watering works well with your bodies but not with plants. They’re much more resilient than you think so don’t drown them. Just water once to keep your plant happy all the way!

Changing seasons change the regular requirement of water for your plants.


It is advisable to have your plants hydrated in the summers especially if they’re not Cactus or Aloe Vera or Snake Plant, which do well with less water and can withstand heat without an umbrella. The winter watering needs of plants are limited but you’ll have to protect them from cold air. Likewise, to avoid your plants from getting dehydrated during hot months, keep them in shade. They need sunlight, not spotlight.

Next up is choosing the right equipment to water your plants.


Using your bathroom mug to water is all fine and okay unless you have a leafy plant like Lily or Asparagus. In such cases use an ordinary handheld water sprinkler to evenly spread water throughout the soil. Plus, avoid high-speed nozzle sprays because they may break or uproot your tender little family members. If you’ve got plastic pots, make sure to be extra careful while watering. Excess water from a plastic pot doesn’t flow out from the bottom because unlike ceramic pots, they’re aren’t porous.


If you are proud owners of money plants or lucky bamboo, you can relax ample as they require basic and minimal care. On the other hand if you’ve got roses or ferns, remember that they will need apt humidity and selective exposure to heat besides just watering. They are the high maintenance babies.


Gardening wisdom comes with experience. It will take time for you to understand the requirements of your plants. Once you do, it will be a happy & healthy give & take relationship of care.


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