Water retention - How can you improve?

Soil is the foundation on which your garden thrives. Choosing the appropriate soil and keeping it healthy is the key. And we will help you with that. We’ll share how to do it right.


What is water retention?

This basically is the water holding capacity of the soil. Let's say you're regularly watering your plants but they aren’t showing any signs of growth. Or you see water dripping out of the pots hanging in your balcony’s railing. That's when it's time for a rain check.


How to improve? 

Trimming off weeds will help your actual plant derive the best from water. Because nutritive battles with the weeds will get over. Plus, adding manure from a homemade compost at an interval will make the soil rich in organic matter. Hence, better water retention. Talking about improving soil quality, good quality potting mixes will further aid the process. We encourage you to change your soil every year or so. But if you’re not up for that hassle, simply adding an inch of soil food every quarter will do the trick. The soil will get nutrition-rich and butterflies will flock your garden throughout the year.


Every plant will not grow in every soil. Different strokes for different folks. Likewise, different needs demand different deeds. Get your plants and read what we share. This'll improve your gardening game. Will boost your passion for plant parenting as well. Until then, carry on taking care of your little ones.

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