Hamelia Flower Plant with Pot
Russelia equisetifolia is a flowering shrub that resembles a fountain of bright red blooms. Its arching branches and graceful form can make it appear like a fountain of bright red blooms. It does not do well outdoors at temperatures below...
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Antirrhinum Plant
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Antirrhinum Plant
Antirrhinum majus, the common snapdragon is a species of flowering plant belonging to the genus Antirrhinum. Snapdragons are mostly short-lived perennial plants, though some species are annuals. Sunlight requirement:- Full sunlight (6-8 hours) Watering: Overwatering should be avoided as this...
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Spider Plant - Large (Chlorophytum)
This NASA certified air-purifying spider plant is an 'EASY GO, EASY GROW' plant and low maintenance as well. Long, flowing leaves add a perfect charm to your desk, balcony and even hanging planters. Spider plant is a herbaceous perennial houseplant...
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Rare and Unique Bleeding Heart Flower Plant (Burning Heart)
These shade-loving plants grow in cool and shady areas, pumping out those wonderfully-colored red heart-shaped blossoms that everyone loves. Bleeding hearts, require consistent moisture from watering, and do their best growing under the evergreen trees that creates a good deal...
Rs. 1,699.00
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