Table Kamini Plant - The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Table Kamini Plant - The Ultimate Stress Reliever

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  • Low maintenance plant.
  • Promotes healthier indoor environment.
  • Ideal choice for busy gardeners or beginners.
Color :
White Pot with Black Plate
Grow Pot
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Decorate your corners with the beautiful and full of fragrance - Table Kamini Plant. Also known as Murraya paniculata or Orange Jasmine, this stunning evergreen shrub is a must-have addition to any apartment, office desk or outdoor space. With its shiny & delicate leaves and enchanting citrus scent, the Table Kamini Plant will delight your senses and purify your indoor areas.

Benefits & Features:
  • Its leaves release a sweet, citrusy scent that fills the room with freshness 
  • Removes toxins for a healthier indoor environment
  • The plant is low maintenance and is perfect for any cosy corner of your home or office
  • Moderate watering and occasional pruning required
  • The Kamini Plant has been used in traditional medicine for its therapeutic properties
  • It can relieve stress and anxiety
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