Plant Care Routine- Monthly & Seasonal Guide

Once you have committed to being plant parents and are responsibly dedicating weekly hours to your plants, it is time to level up as we introduce some steps for your monthly & seasonal plant care routine.


As discussed previously, opting to stick to a plant care routine works effectively & efficiently for you and your green baby.

1. Dust please, leave our leaves alone!


While watering your babies & allowing sufficient sunlight to grace their presence, the leaves of our plants often seem to catch dust. Especially the ones outdoors or next to the windows attract it more than the rest of the lot. Dust can block the plants ability to absorb sunlight & hinder the process of photosynthesis.



Therefore, it is important to clean it off gently from your leaves with either a damp sponge or a small towel. Make sure to clean both the sides- the top & the bottom.

2. Food is good for your babies!


Yes, while we feed them enough with air, water & sunlight, there’s another essential that we miss to offer- fertilisers. Fertilisers are the food for your soil. It is not just the agricultural fields that need fertilisers but our house plants need them too for the very same reasons. They provide adequate nutrition that your plants need for a healthy growth.


So a right amount of fertiliser meal is good to improve your soil’s physical & chemical properties while giving it a fertility boost.


The Golden Rule: Report the old pot & get a new one!


This step however, is need based but usually plants outgrow their initial pots. Few of the many reasons to repot can include the following-

  • The roots of your plants grow out of the pot’s drainage holes
  • The soil of your plants can no longer hold moisture
  • Foliage has stopped growing or the pace has been relatively slow


Repotting can help you plants to certainly grow better as it gives them new soil which implies a nutrient boost, more space, better water retention and prevents them from catching diseases.


However, the process can be stressful for your plants. Therefore, it is important to understand crucially whether your plant needs to be repotted or not and later, a proper series of steps should be followed to protect the plant.


You can also stylize your pot by replacing your regular old pots with modern & unique planters.


Making these efforts for your plants and additions in your plant care routine can be proven to be beneficial for your greens for a longer period of time. Take care of their health while they take charge of your happiness!

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