Plant Care Routine- Weekly Guide

While taking this life altering decision & responsibility of our green beings, we must also put together a routine to cater to their needs. Routines can be followed weekly, monthly or seasonal.


Being a plant parent comes with its own set of responsibilities and experiences. Green babies is not a mere term to describe your garden but a whole, demanding shift in your life & routine.


Let’s get started to set a weekly schedule to pamper our lush greens. Afterall, being consistent with a few steps carried on due dates can go a long way for your baby to thrive & flourish.


Firstly, it is important to prepare yourself for your plants. Plant parenting requires physical, emotional and financial involvement. Hence, it is imperative to invest in the right pots, soil, fertilisers and basic gardening tools. While fertilisers may seem like an additional cost, they are essential requirements for adequate nutrition. In the longer run, these help your plants to grow healthy and bloom effortlessly.


1. Shiny & Bright under the Sunlight


Now, the foremost element to checkoff in your routine list is sunlight. Before leaving for work, draw up your blinds or curtains, or simply adjust your plants near the window to move them to a space where they can receive uninterrupted hours of sunlight. A minimum of 3-4 hours work good. The ones that require low light can be adjusted behind the needy ones.


If your plant is in a bad shape, just try adjusting the intake of the plant’s sunlight.

2. Neat & Hydrated with Water


Water, another essential for plant survival can also be a tricky source. Too much or too little, both can harm your baby. Know your plants to understand & their varied needs- if the leaves need to be sprayed or the water is to be added just to the soil, if they need a full dip or just some misting. Adjust the watering routine according to the weather.


As most plants need water within a cycle of 4-5 days, you can schedule a day, preferably on a weekoff.

3. Cut off the dead via Pruning


Cut off all the dead leaves or branches that are falling off your plant. Every plant will not require trimming every week. Keep an eye on the withered leaves & if it doesn’t revive in a week, it is time to say goodbye.


This keeps your plant healthy, gives it more space & keeps away the pests.

4. Shake & Rotate


You must have noticed your plants bending over to one side? It is because they are trying to reach for the sun. Try rotating your plants once a week to ensure they get enough sunlight & watch it get back into shape.


On the other hand, if you have plants like the fiddle leaf plant, you might want to wiggle it a little. This gives them the same impression as the wind and helps them grow big and tall. So shaking your plants with care can help them grow better.


A weekly routine will ensure that you spend enough time with your green babies while you indulge in other routine activities in your life. Keep planting health & happiness around you but don’t forget to keep a weekly check on it!


Have any questions? Want to know more about plant parenting?

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