What Moss Can Do For Your Office's Look.

Don’t we all want our offices to look beautiful? From reception, to office corners, work desks to office walls? Wouldn’t green office walls be a treat for eyes during work? If you feel the same, moss frames are the best option for you. It will perk up your office walls adding timeless style and green charm. In this section, we will know more about moss frames. So, let's understand it with fun examples!



Moss frame is a line of gorgeous green decor that is a perfect option when a traditional green living wall is not feasible. The frames are ideal for indoor spaces without sunlight. Moss frames are brilliant options for those who cannot accommodate potted plants indoors. Preserved moss stuck on to wooden frames form the basic concept of moss frames. The moss used is neither living nor dead, rather kept in a dormant state. They also do not require soil or water. Moss frames are also known as green walls. Preserved moss is basically moss treated with chemicals to make them long-lasting. They are preserved with the help of glycerine usually and then food color extracts are added to ensure the color of the moss remains vibrant. Since the ingredients are water, glycerine and food coloring moss frames are harmless. Most moss walls usually last about ten years. Life can be extended to about 25 years if you're rigorous in maintenance and give it a protective spay every so often.



Once you buy live moss, which you can get at almost any plant store, affix it to a corkboard with a fine layer of peat moss sandwiched in between. You can then affix the corkboard to a plate or frame and hang it on the wall. 




1. Company logo design with moss wall art feature

The reception is the first impression about your brand so you reception game needs to be on point. Wall art moss is a beautiful way of decorating the place. Infused with corporate logos, it can be used to bring a little innovation to the place. This type of artwork, which is available in various colors and affordable prices will always make the place look good effortlessly. 


2. Other installation options

Moss frames can be used at different locations at different parts of a work place. You can place the moss frames on the adjacent wall of your worktable.


Moss wall art can be an awesome addition to any wall space, and it can serve a variety of different purposes. Whether you are trying to emphasize an outdoor feel, or you simply want nature inspired artwork on display in your office, preserved moss framed walls can make a big statement.

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