Let’s swipe right: Perfect work table plants

Isn’t it very satisfying to look up from your desk while furiously concentrating on your meetings or typing away to the next appraisal only to find beautiful green babies? Now let’s match the right work desk plants for you to help you feel good. 


Having plants in the workspace has been shown to improve air quality, increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress and stabilize mood. And let’s face it, sometimes you do need extra motivation to get through the work day. It would be wonderful to have some green companions and your silent cheerleaders along with you on your way to productivity and success.  Let’s explore more!


Health Benefit

We spend a lot of our time working behind our computer screens and on our work desks. So why not have a good health haven around us. And plants make for a beautiful health companion. They enhance the quality of air around us and have a positive impact on our health. 

Natural Air Filters               

Have you ever kept a tab on the air quality index in your area? Then you sure know that  adding air purifying plants in our spaces is important. Plants regulate humidity and reduce carbon dioxide emission in our homes and offices. Plants like zz plant, ovata crassula and snake plant etc are low maintenance and natural air purifiers. Hence, they make for a great addition to work desks. 

Stress Busters 

One of the green magical powers is the ability of the green babies to help reduce stress. The green not only has a calming effect on mood, but it also can make us feel happy generally and invoke positive emotions. 


Plants are pure magic. Gardening is pure magic. So let us allow this magic to seep into our work space! Let’s liven up our work desks today. 

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