All About Seed Trays

Want to start your seed but tired of the seed not germinating? Don't worry, seeds trays might just be your answer. 


Seed trays are a good option to start growing your seeds. They are specially designed to ensure numerous seeds right from the starting stage of germination upto transplantation. The design also ensure that each seed gets nutrition. 


Seedling trays are made up of foldable plastic material. There are holes throughout the trays. These cells should be filled with a sowing medium like Soil , Coco peat and sand. Using the right growing soil plays an important role as too wet or too dry seeds can interfere with germination. Depending on the type of plants, it is recommended to sow around 2-3 seeds in each cell.  Trays are watered regularly as the seeds germinate. Young seedlings can be kept in these trays safely for 3-4 weeks in semi shade conditions till they are ready to be transplanted.



Compared with direct seeding, the use of transplanting from seed trays has many advantages. However, it is true that some vegetables are more suitable for transplanting than others. For example beans, sweet corn, and peas are those that are not usually grown as transplants. Let’s look at them in a bulleted form. 

  • Increases the productivity of seeds.
  • Relatively higher chances of success of germination.
  • Seedling grows in trays are healthy and tray facilities easy handling during transplantation of delicate seedlings.

So next time, you want to germinate seeds, you may want to try seed trays.

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