ZZ Raven

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Low to Medium Sunlight
Once a Week
Low Maintenance

The easy to care, black ZZ plant or Zamioculcas Zamiifolio is a tropical succulent that is best green home decor corner. It is popularly also known as ‘Answer Tree’ or ‘Eternity Plant’.  It starts growing up as green with new foliage in this colour but once it matured the leaves turn black so don’t be disappointed if some of your leaves are green. There are some simple tips to ensure that your plant look black mostly. This low maintenance plant can survive in dark conditions and store water in its leaves. 

Watering- This plant does not need to be watered very regularly. Once a week can work wonders for this plant. The best way to keep a check is by watering when the top one or two inches of the growing medium feels dry to touch. 

Light- Raven ZZ or black ZZ can grow in low, medium or bright indirect light. Take care to not expose it to bright scorching sunlight directly as it can burn the leaves. 

Soil- This plant thrives in a well-draining soil. We recommend using Gardengram Garden Soil mix and little of Gardengram Vermicompost for best results. 

Extra Tip

Buy a mature zz plant if you want the raven beauty to look black all the time as new leaves might be light green in colour. 

ZZ Raven
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