Vegetable Seed Kit - Carrot

Vegetable Seed Kit - Carrot

Rs. 1,500.00 Rs. 999.00
  • Durable Eco-Friendly Pot
  • Chemical-Free Organic Growth
  • Effortless Home Cultivation
Rs. 999.00


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Wondering where to buy seeds online? Look no further! Gardengram is your one-stop destination for high-quality seeds and gardening essentials. 

Introducing Gardengram's Vegetable Seed Kit - Carrot, the perfect DIY solution to kickstart your home gardening journey! Transform your outdoor space with the delightful addition of fresh, home-grown carrots. Our kit is thoughtfully curated to bring you the joy of cultivating your own vibrant and nutritious carrots right at home.

What's Inside:

  1. Carrot Seeds: Sourced for their premium quality, our carrot seeds ensure a bountiful harvest of crisp, flavorful carrots. These seeds are selected to thrive in diverse climates, making them suitable for all gardening enthusiasts.

  2. Coco Peat: Enhance the growth of your carrot seeds with our organic coco peat. This lightweight and nutrient-rich medium provide the ideal environment for seed germination and robust plant development. It's the perfect foundation for a successful carrot garden.

  3. Compost: Nurture your carrot plants with our specially formulated compost. Packed with essential nutrients, it promotes healthy soil structure, encourages root development, and enhances overall plant vitality. Your carrots will thank you for the nutritious boost!

  4. Pot: Our kit includes a durable and eco-friendly pot, designed to accommodate the unique needs of carrot plants. With proper drainage and ample space, this pot ensures optimal growing conditions for your carrots, whether you have a spacious garden or a cozy balcony.

Why Gardengram's Vegetable Seed Kit - Carrot?

  • Easy to Use: Perfect for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike, our kit comes with straightforward instructions, making the gardening process a breeze.

  • Fresh and Organic: Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own organic carrots, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Connect with nature and savor the pure, homegrown goodness.

  • Buy Plants Online: Gardengram makes it convenient for you to buy plants online, bringing the joys of gardening right to your doorstep. Elevate your outdoor space with vibrant, green goodness.

Get ready to transform your space into a haven of freshness and color with Gardengram's Vegetable Seed Kit - Carrot. Buy seeds, nurture your garden, and indulge in the satisfaction of growing your own delicious carrots. Happy gardening!

Vegetable Seed Kit - Carrot
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