Syngonium Pink and Green Mixed Plant

Syngonium Pink and Green Mixed Plant

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Syngonium species also known as arrowhead plant or arrowhead vines are often grown as house plants.  Syngonium podophyllum is the most commonly cultivated species, and is often referred to simply as Syngonium. And the beautiful pink with amazing green colour makes a match in heaven.  Although the pink mixed with the green might look intimidating in terms of it's care, but they are one of the easiest plants to care for.

Light and humidity- They require high humidity and hence it is a good idea to mist the leaves regularly. The plant also requires good light, but it is important to take care that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. They are good with tolerating low light levels but for pink splash to thrive, these plants need medium to bight indirect light to maintain the vibrancy and beautiful pink color of their foliage. 

Watering- Water this lovely green baby freely from spring to autumn and sparingly in winters. It is recommended to dry out the top layer of the soil in-between watering. 

Fertiliser- Feed  the lovely green baby regularly in spring and summers. Like every plant, it is advisable to not fertilise the plants much during winters when they are dormant. We recommend Garden Dr. Health from Gardengram for best results.

Soil- The plant required well draining soil. We recommend Gardengram potting mix for best results with this plant. 

Placement- The plant can do very well if placed in the washrooms and kitchen. IT can work well with both indoor and outdoor settings. Some other areas that this plant can grace are living rooms and table tops with additional care. 

Extra tip

Prune lower leaves to maintain neat appearance of the plant and this can favour new growth.

Syngonium Pink and Green Mixed Plant
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