Star Planter

Rs. 1,049.00 Rs. 189.00
  • Material: Durable construction for lasting beauty.
  • High-Quality Durability: Built to last with UV stabilization and fade-resistant material.
  • Versatile Placement: Ideal for balconies, patios, gardens, and indoor spaces.
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Rs. 189.00


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  • Size: 8 inches of spacious elegance.
  • Color: Radiant coffee hues for a cozy touch.
  • Material: Durable construction for lasting beauty.
  • Versatility: Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Step into a garden wonderland with our Star Planter, a dazzling beauty in a comforting coffee color. Standing proud at 8 inches, it's your plant's time to shine, both indoors and outdoors. Let the Star Planter be the radiant centerpiece that transforms your space into a green paradise.

Coffee-Colored Magic:

Infuse warmth into your outdoor space with the Star Planter's rich coffee color. Picture a garden adorned with this beauty, creating a cozy retreat that feels like a hug for your plants. Whether it graces your patio or cozies up in your living room, the Star Planter is a touch of magic for your botanical buddies.

Sizeable Elegance: 

Size matters, and the Star Planter knows it well. At a generous 8 inches, it's not just a planter; it's a stage for your plants to showcase their brilliance. Give them the space they deserve to stretch, thrive, and captivate. This Star Planter is a celebration of flourishing greenery.Plus, it comes equipped with a convenient tray and a drainage hole, ensuring your plants not only have ample room but also the perfect environment for healthy growth.

Ready to let your plants shine like stars? Illuminate your space with the 8-Inch Star Planter. Add a touch of coffee-colored elegance to your garden. buy now and watch your green companions bask in the spotlight!

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