Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed Fertilizer

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 299.00
  • Nutrient-rich blend
  • Easy Mixing Formula
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
Rs. 299.00


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Introducing our Seaweed Fertilizer Powder – a premium-grade, all-natural solution designed to elevate your gardening game. Crafted from meticulously harvested seaweed brimming with essential nutrients, this fertilizer powder is the key to unlocking your plants' full potential.

Derived from responsibly sourced seaweed, this powder boasts a carefully balanced blend of vital elements crucial for robust plant growth. From promoting root development to enhancing foliage and blossoms, its rich composition of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and micronutrients offers comprehensive nourishment for your garden.

Simplicity meets effectiveness – effortlessly dissolve this powder in water and watch your plants thrive. Ideal for all types of gardening setups, whether it's a collection of indoor flora or a sprawling outdoor landscape, this fertilizer powder offers a convenient and effective method to bolster plant health and vitality.

Seaweed Fertilizer
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