Red Aglaonema Valentine

Red Aglaonema Valentine

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  • Low maintenance plant.
  • Beautiful home decor foliage plant.
  • Lucky plant and considered a bringer of fortune.
Rs. 999.00


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The easy to grow and low maintenance, Red Valentine Aglaonema is a beautiful foliage plant with vibrant red foliage. The new foliage is seen to have green, cream, red and pink shade interspersed on the leaf. 

It is considered air purifying and reduces humidity in air. It can be easily placed in any corner of the house or table tops. It is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Light - The plant can tolerate low lights but it is highly recommended that this plant be kept in medium to high indirect light to maintain its beautiful colour.  

Watering - It is best to let the soil dry out between watering. 

Nutrition - The plant can be given Gardengram Grow N Glow plant micro food once every month for best results. Remember to water the plant after applying the plant micro food. 

Red Aglaonema Valentine
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