Quirky Pot and Plant Set

Quirky Pot and Plant Set

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 699.00
Embrace tradition and sustainability with our thoughtfully curated Rakhi Gift Hamper, perfect for celebrating Raksha Bandhan. This fusion of tradition and eco-friendly elegance is a heartfelt token of love for your sibling. Included in the hamper is a resilient Lucky Jade Plant, symbolizing prosperity and positivity, requiring minimal care for maximum joy. Accompanying it is an eco-friendly Rakhi, hand-painted with cow dung, blending art and tradition sustainably. Strengthen your sibling bond with nature's blessings represented by these symbolic gifts. With easy care and lasting memories, this hamper embodies sustainable celebrations, honoring tradition while embracing eco-friendliness. Order today and celebrate Rakhi with purpose, gifting prosperity, eco-friendliness, and lasting joy.
Rs. 699.00


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Rakhi Gift Hamper:** Embrace Tradition and Sustainability!

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with our Thoughtfully Curated Rakhi Gift Hamper. This Fusion of Tradition and Eco-Friendly Elegance is a Perfect Token of Love for Your Sibling. Order Now!

πŸͺ΄ **Lucky Jade Plant:** Prosperity and Positivity in a Pot! Gift Luck and Blessings with our Resilient Jade Plant. Minimal Care, Maximum Joy!

πŸƒ **Eco-Friendly Rakhi:** Hand-Painted Cow Dung Rakhi - A Unique Blend of Art and Tradition. Sustainable, Vibrant, and Full of Love!

🌿 **Symbolic Bond:** Our Jade Plant and Eco-Friendly Rakhi Symbolize Luck and Auspiciousness. Strengthen Your Sibling Bond with Nature's Blessings.

🌱 **Easy Care, Lasting Memories:** Jade Plant - A Gift That Grows with Your Bond. Minimal Maintenance, Endless Happiness.

πŸŽ‹ **Sustainable Celebrations:** Honor Tradition While Embracing Sustainability. Order Your Rakhi Gift Hamper Today!

Celebrate Rakhi with Purpose - Gift Prosperity, Eco-Friendliness, and Lasting Joy. Order Now!

Quirky Pot and Plant Set
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