Premium Plastic Tulip Planter 60

Premium Plastic Tulip Planter 60

Rs. 6,299.00 Rs. 4,400.00
  • Material: Rotomolded
  • Durability: Unbreakable Construction
  • Pest and Termite Proof
Color :
White Stone
Grey Stone
Sand Stone
Rs. 4,400.00


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  • Size: Top Diameter: 16x16 inches, Height: 29 inches. Bottom Diameter: 11 inches.

  • Colors Available: Sand Stone, Grey Stone, White Stone.

  • UV Resistance: Protects colors from fading under sunlight.

  • Weight: Lightweight for easy handling and rearranging.

  • Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean for hassle-free gardening.

  • Weather Resistant: Withstands frost and various weather conditions.

  • Elegance: Gives a sophisticated feel to your space.

Say hello to the Tulip-60 Planter — your garden's new best friend! Choose from the delightful trio of White Stone, Grey Stone, and sandstone, and let your plants revel in a burst of vibrant hues. These colors won't just decorate your garden; they'll paint a smile on your face every time you step outside.

Create your own botanical masterpiece by pairing different plants with each planter. Picture this: the serene elegance of white tulips in the White Stone planter, the cool sophistication of succulents in Grey Stone, and the warm embrace of flowers in the Sand Stone variant. Your garden, your canvas!

Durable Dreams, Stylish Realities

Crafted with love and the highest grade of premium Plastic, the Tulip-60 Planter stands tall at 29 inches, embracing your plants with a generous 16x16-inch top diameter. It's not just a planter; it's a statement piece for your garden. The 11-inch bottom diameter ensures stability, while the unbreakable design guarantees a worry-free experience.

But wait, there's more! Our Tulip-60 Planter comes with a thoughtful drainage hole, keeping your plants happy and healthy. Whether rain or shine, this planter takes care of your green companions. Plus, its versatile design makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, adding an aesthetic touch to your living room, patio, or balcony.

Your Garden, Your Joy

Imagine waking up to a garden that's not just green but bursting with life and joy. The Tulip-60 Planter is more than a container; it's a happiness incubator. Nurture your plants in an environment tailor-made for their success, and watch your garden transform into a haven of natural beauty.

Ready to elevate your outdoor and indoor experience? The Tulip-60 Planter is your ticket to a garden that reflects your personality. Don't just dream about it; make it happen. Buy Now and let the blooming begin!

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