Premium Plastic Railing planter

Premium Plastic Railing planter

Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 800.00
  • Material: Rotomolded
  • Durability: Unbreakable Construction
  • Pest and Termite Proof
Color :
Rs. 800.00


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  • Vibrant Design: Aqua, terracotta, or grey options to add a burst of color to your space.
  • Ideal Size: Top diameter of 11.5 inches and a height of 12 inches for ample planting space.
  • Non-Fading Colors: UV-resistant design keeps the colors vibrant under the sun.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Versatile enough to grace both your living room and balcony.
  • Easy to Clean: Low-maintenance elegance with hassle-free cleaning.
  • Frost Resistant: Withstand chilly temperatures, keeping your plants safe.
  • Weather Resistant: Brave the elements—sun, rain, or snow, it can take it all.

Get ready to add a burst of joy to your surroundings with our Double-Sided Railing Planter! This vibrant pot of happiness comes in aqua, terracotta, or gray, turning your space into a haven of charm. Crafted from top-tier premium plastic, it stands tall at 12 inches, with a delightful top diameter of 11.5 inches.

Unbreakable Magic

Our Railing Planter isn't just a showstopper; it's practically magic. Say goodbye to worries about breakage—this planter is practically unbreakable! The colors stay as lively as your spirit, resisting the sun's rays with UV superpowers. It's not just a planter; it's your garden's superhero.

Chic Sophistication

Turn your living space into a stylish sanctuary with our Double-Sided Railing Planter. Whether you pick aqua, terracotta, or grey, these planters aren't just containers; they're fashion statements. Bring nature indoors or elevate your outdoor space with a touch of style that's uniquely you.

Versatility that Sparks Joy

Say hello to a world of possibilities with our Double-Sided Railing Planter. It's not just a planter; it's a canvas for your botanical dreams. Watch your favorite blooms dance in the sun or create an indoor paradise—all with the same, seamless elegance.

Pest-Free Paradise

Worried about unwelcome guests in your garden? Fear not! Our planters are like Fort Knox for pests and termites, giving you peace of mind as your plants blossom undisturbed. Termite and pest-proof? Check! Your garden's VIP protection.

Weather the Joyful Storm

Designed to weather the happiest storms! Frost-resistant and weather-resistant, our planters laugh in the face of the elements. From scorching sunshine to frosty mornings, your plants stay snug, ensuring you have a joyful garden all year round.

Low-Key Maintenance, High-Key Impact

Step into the world of effortless chic with our Railing Planter. It's like having a garden without the drama. Easy to clean and feather-light, this planter brings the beauty of a garden without the hassle.

Charm that Never Fades

No more fretting about wear and tear. The colors, untouched by time, keep shining bright. Enjoy the charm that lasts, season after season. Because your garden should always be in full bloom!

Your Vibe, Your Garden

The Double-Sided Railing Planter isn't just a planter; it's an extension of your vibe. Dive into the fusion of style and functionality, adding a splash of nature that mirrors your personality. Your space, your style—brought to life with our cheerful, durable, and utterly charming Railing Planter.

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