Premium Rotomolded Jasper Planter

Premium Rotomolded Jasper Planter

Rs. 3,599.00 Rs. 1,349.00
  • Material: Rotomolded
  • Durability: Unbreakable Construction
  • Pest and Termite Proof
Size :
Color :
White Stone
Grey Stone
Sand Stone
Rs. 1,349.00


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Size: Available in Multiple sizes.


S    -  Top Diameter 20 Inches X Height 8 Inches X Bottom Diameter 10.5 Inches 

M  -  Top Diameter 25 Inches X Height 10 Inches X Bottom Diameter 13 nches 

L -   Top Diameter 30 Inches X Height 12 Inches X Bottom Diameter 15 Inches 

Colors: Sand Stone, Grey Stone, White Stone.

UV Resistance: Protects colors from fading under sunlight.

Weight: Lightweight for easy handling and rearranging.

Versatility: Suitable for outdoor, Patio, Terrace Gardening and even indoor spaces.

Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean for hassle-free gardening.

Weather Resistant: Withstands frost and various weather conditions.

Elegance: Gives a sophisticated feel to your space.

Welcome to a world where your plants take center stage and your space gets a cheerful makeover! The Jasper Planter Series is not just a planter; it's an experience, a burst of color, and a touch of elegance that transforms your surroundings.

Shape and Colors: Dive into Round Delight!

Picture this: A classy round design that turns heads and steals hearts. The Jasper Planter's shape is not just functional; it's a statement. And the colors? Oh, they're not just colors; they're moods! Choose from a palette that sparks joy—deep grey for tranquility, Sand hue for calm, and whites for that clean, fresh feel.

Material Marvel: Premium Plastic - Unbreakable and Lightweight!

Feel the magic of premium plastic! Unbreakable, UV-resistant, and surprisingly lightweight, these planters are not just pots; they're your plant's superhero cape. Let them bask in the sunlight without fading, and when the redecorating bug bites, move them effortlessly. Convenience meets durability in the most delightful way!

Smart Dimensions for Your Green Imagination!

Size matters, especially when it comes to planters! The Jasper Planter Series comes in a range of dimensions to play matchmaker with your green companions. From petite succulents to grand ferns, there's a perfect size for every leafy friend. And the best part? Plant multiple buddies in one planter for a mini garden that speaks volumes.

Imagine a planter that's not just a vessel but a canvas for your green imagination. With Jasper Planters, you're not limited to one plant per pot—go wild, mix and match, and create your green symphony! Your space becomes a living art installation that brings joy, color, and life with every glance.

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