Premium Plastic Crystal Planter

Premium Plastic Crystal Planter

Rs. 12,999.00 Rs. 1,400.00
  • Material: Rotomolded
  • Durability: Unbreakable Construction
  • Pest and Termite Proof
Size :
Color :
White Stone
Grey Stone
Sand Stone
Rs. 1,400.00


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Size: Available in Multiple sizes.

Colors: Sand Stone, Grey Stone, White Stone.

UV Resistance: Protects colors from fading under sunlight.

Weight: Lightweight for easy handling and rearranging.

Versatility: Suitable for outdoor, Patio, Terrace Gardening and even indoor spaces.

Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean for hassle-free gardening.

Weather Resistant: Withstands frost and various weather conditions.

Elegance: Gives a sophisticated feel to your space.

Welcome to the Crystal Planter Series, where your garden becomes a canvas of vibrant hues! Our planters aren't just pots; they're a celebration of color. Pick from an array of classy shades that turn your plants into radiant masterpieces. Imagine a garden that's not just green but a dazzling symphony of lively colors.

Durable Beauty in Every Size

Crafted with top-quality premium plastic, Crystal Planters redefine sturdiness with a dash of glamour. These planters are more than just containers; they're your garden's fashion statement. With various sizes to choose from, each planter is a testament to craftsmanship. Picture a garden that remains vivid and lively, no matter the size.

Unbreakable Style with a Touch of Class

Say goodbye to fragile planters; Crystal Planters with rounded rims are not just unbreakable, they're chic! The rounded design adds sophistication while ensuring durability. Let your garden showcase strength and style. These planters are not just defenders; they're timeless pieces that stand tall and proud.

Brave Nature's Whims with a Smile

Crystal Planters are more than decorative; they're nature's allies. UV-resistant, they stand strong against the sun, ensuring colors stay vivid. Frost-resistant and weather-resistant, they weather every season with grace. Envision a garden that laughs in the face of weather changes, where your plants and planters are both unyielding.

Cleaning Made Joyful: Effortlessly Elegant

Cleaning isn't a chore with Crystal Planters; it's a breeze. With a simple wipe, they're ready to shine. These planters are not just about style; they embody practicality. Easy to clean, they promise to keep your garden and indoor spaces effortlessly elegant. Elevate your surroundings with planters that blend beauty with simplicity.

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