Pink Princess

Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 4,500.00
  • Place the plant near a window with filtered or indirect light for best results.
  • Philodendron Pink Princess prefers to be kept evenly moist but not waterlogged.
  • Philodendron Pink Princess can be propagated by stem cuttings.
Rs. 4,500.00


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Indirect Sunlight
Once a Day
Low Maintenance

Gift your regal and queenly mother the best and the rarest of the gorgeous pink princess plant. The queen in your life only deserves to be pampered by the best available green or rather pink beauty out there. Gift the best of the nature to the one who holds the entire universe in her now. 

The Pink Princess is considered a rare hard to find tropical plant and is famous for its variegated leaves.

Philodendrons do best in loose, or high porous, well-drained soil that is high in organic matter.

A common cause of the Pink Princess losing its variegated leaves is under-watering the plant. Although this plant is pretty though and can tolerate being under-watered up to a point, under-watering your Pink Princess can cause the plant’s leaves to turn dark-green and lose it’s famous pink colouring. A good tip to ensure your plant is properly watered is to allow for the top level of soil (about 2 to 3 centimeters from the top) to dry out before you water it again. 

The Pink Princess needs a delicate balance of indirect sunlight to maintain those beautiful blotches of light link. Set the Philodendron in a location with bright, yet indirect sunlight.

Use rich fertiliser containing micro-nutrients such as calcium and magnesium which will help your Pink Princess stay healthy throughout the year. Grow N Glow fertiliser is recommended for the same. 


Pink Princess
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