Ovata Gollum

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  • Unique Foliage Charm
  • Low-Maintenance Elegance
  • Captivating Desk Accent
Rs. 399.00


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Introducing the Ovata Gollum – an extraordinary succulent that's both captivating and effortless to care for. Its distinct appearance, featuring tubular leaves that curl inward like peculiar fingers or suction cups, earns it the playful nickname 'Gollum.' The jade-green leaves, with captivating red accents along the edges, add an element of mystique to any space.

This plant is a perfect match for beginners and busy plant enthusiasts alike. Its low-maintenance nature makes it a resilient choice. Thriving in bright, indirect light, the Ovata Gollum adapts to varying lighting conditions, making it a versatile addition to homes or offices. When it comes to watering, simply allow the soil to dry out between waterings to avoid overwatering.

Beyond its charming appearance, the Ovata Gollum brings a touch of natural wonder to any environment. Whether it finds its place on a desk, shelf, or as part of a delightful succulent display, its unique beauty is sure to spark conversations and bring joy to plant lovers.

Ready to bring home this charming succulent? Add a touch of fascination to your space with the Ovata Gollum today!

Discover the Ovata Gollum now and add a unique charm to your space!

Ovata Gollum
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