Neem Cake Powder

Neem Cake Powder

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  • Slow-release Nutrients
  • Soil pH Regulation
  • Enhanced Root Growth
Rs. 179.00


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Introducing our Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer, a natural powerhouse crafted to elevate your soil and nurture thriving crops. Meticulously made from neem seeds' residue post-oil extraction, this biodegradable marvel stands as an exceptional soil conditioner, offering eco-conscious farmers a chemical-free solution.

Sustainable Soil Enrichment:

Choosing Neem Cake transcends the present; it's an investment in your farm's future. Its slow-release formula ensures a steady nutrient supply, fostering soil fertility and endurance. Packed with a balanced mix of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and vital micronutrients, our Neem Cake consistently and thoroughly nourishes your plants.

pH Regulation and Soil Enhancement:

Neem Cake isn't just a fertilizer; it's a natural pH regulator. Through decomposition, it produces organic acids, reducing soil alkalinity. This dual-action approach enriches the soil, enhancing texture, water retention, and aeration. The result? Improved root development, robust crops, and thriving plants.

Superior Yield and Consistency:

Bid farewell to the uncertainties of traditional fertilizers! Neem Cake ensures a superior yield by eliminating erratic nutrient release, promoting steady plant growth. Embrace a greener future for your crops with our Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer – a smarter, safer, and more sustainable choice for your farm.

Usage Instructions:

  • Application: Mix Neem Cake thoroughly with the soil during planting or transplanting.
  • Frequency: Apply Neem Cake once every 4-6 weeks for optimal results.
  • Watering: Ensure adequate watering after application to activate nutrient release.
  • Compatibility: Neem Cake can be used in conjunction with other organic fertilizers for a comprehensive nutrient boost.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Follow these simple instructions, and witness your crops thrive with the natural benefits of Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer.

Neem Cake Powder
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