Festive Plant Combo

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Rs. 1,399.00


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A touch of greenery around the corners of your home and offices can give so much positive vibes. And they look perfect with backdrop of monsoons. We bring to you these special plants combo to help you make beautiful spaces of your own. We make sure you reconnect with nature all over again.

Aglaonema Burmese Evergreen

It is an evergreen perennial with leaves that are mostly silver or green variegated silver. They are shade-tolerant and do not like direct sunlight as it threatens to burn leaves. But for variegated forms, in order to not lose the decorative pattern of leaves, bright diffused light is necessary. It is low maintenance and often seen in the interiorscapes of offices or malls because it requires infrequent watering and it withstands even very low light. 

Petra Croton

Petra croton plants, a relatively low maintenance plant, are perfect to bring home this monsoon. Strong impact in your home or garden with just the right dash of colours. They absorb pollutants into their leaves , making these easy to grow houseplants very popular among plant parents.

Mammy Croton
Mammy croton, is a brilliantly colour evergreen tropical shrub and plant lovers worldwide have started cultivating this plant as an indoor showpiece or a decorative garden shrub. This slow-growing plant is easy to grow and maintain and perfect for novice gardeners.


Marble Queen Pothos

The marble queen is a variety of pothos that is characterized by vining foliage that has beautiful white and cream variegation. Similar to other common varieties of pothos, the marble queen pothos grows well indoors and can adapt to a range of growing conditions, making it versatile and perfect for beginners.




Festive Plant Combo
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