Metal Planter Pot For Indoor Plants

Metal Planter Pot For Indoor Plants

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 299.00
  • This decorative planter pot is ideal for planting your favourite plants.
  • Perfect to be used for indoor places like living rooms, balconies, offices etc.
  • Strong, Non rusting material.
  • Ideal for small plants.
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Rs. 299.00


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Introducing our Metallic Planter Pot, specially crafted for succulents. Say hello to a rust-resistant, low-maintenance, and sturdy addition that instantly elevates your surroundings. This decorative pot isn't just for planting; it's a statement piece tailored for your beloved plants.

Ideal for indoor settings like living rooms, balconies, and offices, this pot boasts durability that stands the test of time. Its non-rusting material ensures a long-lasting allure, while its compact size perfectly accommodates small plants, making it an excellent fit for your favorite green companions. . From tabletop charm to cozy corner allure, let this pot be the beacon that elevates your decor and lets your plants thrive in style.

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