Lucky Bamboo Plant 2 layer

Lucky Bamboo Plant 2 layer

Rs. 599.00
  • Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular Feng Shui cures.
  • A gift of lucky bamboo is also said to enhance the flow of positive energy
  • It needs very less care, it just requires some light and water.
Rs. 599.00


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Bright Indirect Sunlight
Keep in a 1-2 inches water
Low Maintenance

Lucky bamboo, a popular Feng Shui cure, is believed to bring prosperity and positive energy to any space. The lucky bamboo plant tied with a red ribbon depicts an element fire with the element wood.

In all the plant is renowned for creating a sense of balance and safety in life. These resilient plants require minimal care and can be potted in both soil and water making them suitable for home or office settings. Lucky bamboo plants, scientifically known as Dracaena sanderiana, are renowned for improving air quality and enhancing the flow of positive vibes.

Little light and water are sufficient for these plants, and watch them with love as they flourish and bring good fortune into your life. Whether grown in soil or water, lucky bamboo plants prefer a temperature range of 20 to 38 ℃ (68 to 100 ℉) and good water quality that ensures their optimal growth. Gift a lucky bamboo plant to someone special and bring a touch of luck and positivity into their lives.

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Lucky Bamboo Plant 2 layer
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