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  • These plants live naturally in poor soil.
  • Water is sparse as they are highly tolerant of drought.
  • A new set of leaves appears in the spring.
Rs. 899.00


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Direct Sunlight
Once a week
Low Maintenance

Introducing the Exquisite Living Stones - Rare Succulents That Resemble Pebbles!

Discover the captivating world of living stones, also known as pebble plants, a collection of exceptional succulents that have evolved to mimic the appearance of pebbles and rocks. These remarkable plants hug the ground, showcasing their unique adaptation, and grow at a leisurely pace. For optimal growth, we recommend planting them during the spring or fall seasons when they are most active, as living stones enter a dormant phase during the hot summer months and winter.

Belonging to a fascinating genus, these plants typically feature a pair of robust leaves with minimal visible stems above the soil. Below the surface lies a sturdy stem and extensive root system. In the spring, a fresh set of leaves emerges while the older leaves wither and drop off. Adding to their charm, all species within this genus boast delicate daisy-like flowers, often blossoming in the fissure between the leaves during the enchanting fall or winter months.

To ensure the thriving vitality of these incredible plants, they crave abundant light. If you are growing living stones indoors without access to a bright window, we recommend employing Grow lights to provide the necessary illumination. Living stones thrive when exposed to year-round sunlight, ideally receiving a minimum of six hours on most days. When cultivating these succulents indoors, it is best to position them by your brightest window, allowing their unique beauty to shine.

Watering living stones should be done sparingly, as these hardy plants possess remarkable drought tolerance. Overwatering can be detrimental and may lead to root rot or fungal growth, potentially endangering the plants. Fortunately, living stones are highly resilient and not prone to many diseases, allowing for a largely hands-off approach to care.

In their natural habitat, living stones thrive in poor soil conditions and have modest nutrient requirements. While they do not demand extensive feeding, the application of a low-nitrogen, high-potassium fertilizer can promote optimal flowering. Consider utilizing Dr. Health Fertilizer from Gardengram to provide the essential nutrients needed to encourage vibrant blossoms and flourishing growth.

Welcome the captivating world of living stones into your home and embrace the extraordinary beauty of these rare succulents. With their striking resemblance to pebbles and rocks, these enchanting plants are sure to be a focal point in any space. Explore our collection today and embark on a journey of awe-inspiring botanical wonder. Transform your surroundings with the mystical allure of living stones and experience the joy of tending to these extraordinary succulents.

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