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Living stones, also known as pebble plants, are rare succulents that have evolved to look like the pebbles and rocks. These plants hug the ground and grow extremely slowly. They’re best planted in the spring or fall, as living stones enter a dormancy and aren’t actively growing during the hot summer months or the winter months.

The plants within this genus generally consist of a pair of thick leaves with little stem above the soil. Beneath the soil is the stem and fairly long roots. A new set of leaves appears in the spring, and the old leaves dry up and fall off. All species within this genus have daisy-like flowers, which typically emerge from the fissure between the leaves in the fall or winter. 

These plants need as much light as possible. If you’re growing living stones indoors and don’t have a bright window, Grow lights are recommended. Living stones prefer sun year-round, meaning at least six hours of sunlight on most days. When growing these succulents indoors, place them by your brightest window

Water sparsely as they are highly tolerant of drought, and too much water can easily kill them—especially if it promotes root rot or fungal growth. Fortunately, living stones aren’t prone to many diseases, so they should thrive if you take a largely hands-off approach to their care.

These plants live naturally in poor soil and aren't heavy feeders, but a low-nitrogen, high-potassium fertilizer helps encourage flowering. Dr. health fertiliser from Gardengram can help in this case. 


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