Litchi Plant

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  • The litchi tree can grow up to 10-30 meters tall, with a short trunk and a dense, wide-spreading crown.
  • The flowers of the litchi tree are small, greenish-white, and highly fragrant.
  • The litchi fruit is oval or heart-shaped, about 2-4 cm in diameter, and covered with a rough, reddish-pink, or brownish shell.
  • Litchi trees thrive in tropical or subtropical climates with high humidity and well-drained soil.
Rs. 499.00


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Who doesn't love the juicy summer treat? The wait for the delightful treat is over. Bring over the summer treat home. Litchi Chinensis is a member of the soapberry family renowned for its exquisite beauty and delicious fruit.

Standing tall at 10-30 meters, with a short trunk and a lush, wide-spreading crown, the litchi plant graces tropical and subtropical climates with its presence. Covered with petite, greenish-white flowers exuding a captivating fragrance, the litchi plant sets the stage for the arrival of its prized fruit. Oval or heart-shaped, the litchi fruit boasts a diameter of 2-4 cm and is encased in a rough, reddish-pink or brownish shell.

It grows in environments with high humidity and well-drained soil, offering both aesthetic charm and culinary delight to those fortunate enough to cultivate them.

Explore the wonders of this magnificent plant and pot juicy fruit right in your garden now!

Litchi Plant
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